Gen. Bato welcomes more drug ‘pushers’ voluntarily surrendering, asks prayers

Incoming Philippine National Police commander Chief Supt. Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa expressed confidence that more and more people involved in the illegal trade of shabu, drugs dependents included, are surrendering to authorities, and asked prayers from the public so that he and President Rodrigo Duterte would succeed.

Asked by GMA-7 on the eve of the President’s inauguration to comment why it is only now that the police are more proactively campaigning against drugs, the young general who had “vast police work experience in Davao”, responded: “Duterte factor…yeah, fear factor.”

Dela Rosa exhorted some more shabu traders: “Sige lang, tuloy lang po sa pagsuko, at sayang naman…magsisimula na tayo, dalawang tulog na lang.”

He said that some of his fellow policemen have “just started” but officially, he would lead an intensive drive against drugs nationwide in a day or two (as of this writing).

“Don’t abandon us (on our efforts)… Please pray for us,” Dela Rosa requested viewers of State of the Nation with Jessica Soho. DCAGen. Bato


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