Just now I noticed a horizontal, clickable bar labeled “Older posts”, thanks to WordPress. All in June 2016.

We, freelance writers/editors of Mega Scene, value our time – and yours. We don’t have exact ideas of how you selectively explore local newspapers for articles about the President’s very first official address and act yesterday. But we uploaded your free online magazine before 12 midnight, anyway.

Mega Scene has spent a great deal of time discussing crucial issues before the historic Duterte inauguration stories unfolded. Imagine three deadly boring issues prior to that!

Thank God, you and I may not be inside the Rizal Hall of Malacañan, but we saw it unfold. The Great Provider of talent helps us to speed up a bit with the dawning of a new ICT age. If this is not the case, tao na lang talaga ang mabagal.

Mega Scene had to scoop it up to win your attention because you and I are busy. Ours is a little magazine that you print strictly on the basis of extreme need by your pass-on reader and yourself. This represents the efforts of writers/editors who, like you, remain true to their policy of printing only the best material for your citizen/participatory journalism and development studies. We’re not experts, but we commit to joining your journey of self-improvement. That makes the difference.

Magtagumpay nawa tayo rito: “The idea of helping people with ideas in our own modest way is enough. The money is just a bonus.” (The Boss’ exact words)

Here’s the link of our fourth issue dated and uploaded June 30:https://megamanilascene.files.wordpress.com/…/mega-scene-vo…
Third issue:
Second issue:
First issue:

Just now I noticed a horizontal, clickable bar labeled “Older posts”, thanks to WordPress. All in June 2016.


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