Hinging on Creativity


I have seen managers present well and make their cases appealing and intelligent to audience. They packaged the ideas so well that they fall in love with them and miss out a key factor of success called humans.

The art of management always reminds that the equation must be sliced fairly in two variables – tasks and people. In a conservative management style which still pervades many organizations, the balance always tilts, consciously or unconsciously, towards the side of the do’s and not on the doer’s.

In such case, employees are always expected to act in unison without question at the gesticulation of a magic button. Yet productivity hinges on creativity. Creative people thrive when rules are occasionally relaxed, when employees from all ranks are encouraged to think on their own and share in some instances, and if needed, allowed to decide and act as well if their judgment makes sense…Empowering people creates miracles.

If Apple, Google, Microsoft and other stories of corporate success ring a bell then that formula has been tried, tested and proven… MS Glang 

(Originally posted by Mashhur Sinsuat Glang on Facebook on July 27, 2016)


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