New Politics vs. Culture of Elitism

As bodies pile up against the backdrop of his controversial and zealous crusade against drugs, Duterte’s first SONA is not without its redeeming virtues. For one, he has unveiled populist programs in a brusque, no-holds-barred language that earlier won him the hearts and votes of Filipinos during the last election. Good or bad, that is a strategy that has done him well so far.

On a deeper reflection, his ascent is no accident. His populist programs are magnet to a lot of Filipinos who experienced first hand the grinding poverty, incessant corruption, and the indifference of the largely elitist leadership that shaped the political landscape of PH for a long time. In effect, his popularity is a lesson worth learning for aspiring politicians from the ruling class who may have to rethink their plans away from the culture of elitism that is wreaking havoc to this land.

The new politics must look back and honestly address the old issues to become palatable to the hungry and angry. MS Glang (Originally posted by Mashhur Sinsuat Glang on Facebook on July 26, 2016)New Politics vs Culture of Elitism


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