River Cleanup (Video)

“River Cleanup: An Informational Video” primarily seeks to highlight the importance of cleaning up Metro Manila rivers.

This is a less-than-five-minute presentation of the sad reality of the concerted cleanup effort, but is able to know where the light at the end of the tunnel is even as the video attempts to educate viewers on (1) how rivers get tons of garbage despite regular cleanup, and (2) why this civic action needs further direction like in San Pedro – Tunasan River’s case.

The video owner previously commented on a related Philippine newspaper report thus:

“Kudos to the reporter, too, for pointing out an important detail from her news source, which is that upper villages of this town (others call them taga-bundok or taga-itaas) are also to blame for that huge piling up of garbage in lakeshore villages. Cuyab, San Roque and Landayan don’t look good every time they suffer severe flooding, but I know that barangay officials and residents of these lakeshore villages always try their best to regularly keep their surroundings clean.

“I remember the time when we were called upon to act being boys scouts and later on being CAT trainees. I experienced more than five times in separate days joining classmates in cleaning up rivers and uprooting water lilies. We had our own sacks to collect plenty of garbage which lasted three to five hours during a clean-up day. My classmates were mostly from the lakeshore villages and I was a taga-bundok/itaas. When I grew a little bit older, I had time to lead a very small group from an upper village to clean up our own creeks before, during and after storms. Group members seriously felt ‘good’ and ‘cool’ during these times of ‘bababa-bayani’ (if you know this cool rap-song about bayanihan). It’s just that we were simply outnumbered by undisciplined upper villagers.”


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