ISSN 2508-0458 Belongs to Mega Scene; Public Invited to Participate in Crafting Vision-Mission

International Standard Serial Number 2508-0458 has been assigned to Web-based bi-monthly publication Mega Scene with its official site at

Publisher/Editor DC Alviar invites followers of the online magazine’s social media accounts as well as rural people who do not have Internet access to participate in brainstorming sessions this first quarter of 2017 as Mega Scene enters an envisioning stage where its Vision-Mission statement will be written and finalized.

It is written in the 1987 Philippine Constitution that the State shall “free the people from poverty”; 30 years thereafter, that part of Declaration of Principles and State Policies has not been realized, though it prompted government economic managers to outline a vision (under Ambisyon Natin 2040) that ours is a middle-class society where no Filipino is poor in 23 years’ time.

Mega Scene shares that vision with the following rough idea: “Vision – The rural and urban poor Filipinos will gain from concerted efforts to improve their living conditions with a sincere desire to know what needs to be improved in terms of applying best communication practices from public and private sectors; and Mission – As participatory/citizen journalists, we are helping people with ideas in our own modest way.”



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