Washing away that pain? Read feedback from BigWash customers

May binuksan na naman

From wise wives to bookish women who go to college, from those who cannot wait up to mobile individuals, a modern style, do-it-yourself laundry has been introduced to them and has set a trend. Why would you dare to be indefatigable, equating the washing of your clothes as a career?

In Malate, Manila, more and more satisfied customers have become in love with this kind of laundry shop. Led by BigWash, it has cutting-edge LG commercial laundry machines. BigWash utilizes a card system technology in the machines. And what an opportune time that the wise end users availed themselves of the promo where only half of the price of laundry would have to be paid. The promo lasted in July 2017, but not without customers getting hooked into what’s “in” – using cheaper, faster, cleaner, more reliable laundry machine.

“Dito na lang ako sa BigWash kasi narito rin naman ang condo unit ko sa taas (I’ll just stay with BigWash which means there’s no need for me to be far away from my condo unit up there),” says the relaxed customer Ann, a sales manager. “Talagang nakapagre-review pa po ako ‘pag may exams kami sa UP kahit naglalaba ako rito, (I can actually study my lessons and review for my exams at UP whenever I wash my clothes at BigWash),” utters Jun. “At marami ka pang magagawa habang nakasalang ang mga nilalabhan mo (And you can accomplish some more activities, assured that your clothes get cleaned/dried inside the machine).” The student pointed out proper timing as what the customer should observe to avoid wasting his/her and other customers’ time. Besides, 30-plus-minute timers are displayed.”

Other concerns of people who hire out washing services – that’s why more of them opt to shift to BigWash services – unfold from losing the other pair of socks to unintended switching of folded clothes, with real owners having to search for their own clothes. But troubles like these can now be washed away, thanks to self-service setups of BigWash. (Ad)